Specialty Flooring

ECORE Commercial Flooring (ECF) includes innovative brands that are ideal for the commercial flooring market.
Everlast sports surfacing has been leading the industry in innovative product development since its foundation in 1989. For over twenty years the brand has been introducing new ways to reduce the nation’s landfills and reuse scrap tires to create durable, functional, and aesthetic surfacing solutions. This industry success and commitment to advancement has been recognized by leading brands in multiple markets, and has led to even further sustainability advancements and product development opportunities for the Everlast brand.

Most of the brands (Everlast, ECOsilence, ECO98, and ECOsurfaces), falling under the ECF umbrella, are manufactured by ECORE. An additional ECF brand is Polyflor. Polyflor Ltd. is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers committed to innovation and development, making a comprehensive range of resilient vinyl flooring solutions. Both companies have created a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership where technology and customer satisfaction are the priority and focus. ECORE and Polyflor are committed to combining the best of what each company has to offer in order to introduce industry-changing, solution-driven flooring products throughout North America.

Capri cork, founded in November 2006, offers high quality, earth friendly, well designed commercial flooring. The Capri cork partners, with over 40 years combined commercial flooring experience, offer a fresh approach to well-established flooring products. With a strong emphasis on customer service excellence, top tier sales reps, cutting edge products and abundant USA inventory, Capri cork has prospered since the 2006 opening.

2014 New Capri Floats Collection includes: Eco-Clicks Cork Floating Floor, Eco-Clicks Linoleum Plus Floating Floor and Eco-Clicks Vinyl Plus Floating Floor.

The other Capri cork collections are: Mediterra gluedown cork; Re-Tire recycled rubber collections Medley (with cork content), Basics, Kaleidoscope &, Shades of Black; AND/OR rubber cork and Sequel rubber cork.